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Sensory Processing Disorder Information and Resources
Free Parent Information, Resources and Treatment Options for Recovering Children With Sensory Processing Disorder.

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SPD is also known as Sensory Integration Dysfunction

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Acupuncture, Acupressure & Energy Therapy

About Acupuncture
Acupuncture is an ancient oriental healing art in which a doctor places needles in various points on the body surface. These needles are placed along 'energy meridians' and help to break up energy blockages so that a healthy flow of energy may resume. Chinese medicine holds that interruptions in the body's energy flow cause a myriad of ailments, particularly if they are not addressed for long periods of time. By releasing energy blockages which are congesting certain joints or organs, relief is achieved. By the same token, resuming energy supplies to organs which were being deprived allows overall health to be regained.

About Acupressure
Acupressure is a science that deals with the human body and the flow of natural energy within the body. It is a science, and there is nothing supernatural or magical about acupressure. This medical science is practiced with the use of only one human tool: the thumb. Pressure is applied on different 'pressure points' on the body, stimulating the corresponding glands of the body.

Acupressure is a way of accessing and releasing blocked or congested energy centers in the body. These energy centers, or Acupoints, lie on energy pathways called Meridians.

When Acupoints or Meridians become blocked or congested, we experience pain or discomfort on a physical level. On an emotional level, we may become frustrated or irritable, and on a spirit (energetic) level, we may feel ungrounded, vulnerable, and have difficulty knowing our true purpose in life. By using deep but gentle finger pressure on specific Acupoints, the blocked energy starts to release, allowing your body/mind to relax.

As your body/mind relaxes, physical discomfort eases, creating an opportunity to explore thought patterns, memories and belief systems. Through mindful exploration, the way you experience your universe can change. This will offer you an opportunity to manifest your purpose in life with less discomfort and stress and with a greater sense of well-being.


AIT Institute for Auditory Integration Training

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Homeopathy for Athletes

Homeopathy for Women

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