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Free Parent Information, Resources and Treatment Options for Recovering Children With Sensory Processing Disorder.

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SPD is also known as Sensory Integration Dysfunction

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Get more information and resources to help your SPD child with their auditory processing issues.

What is AIT - Berard Auditory Integration Training?

The Berard Auditory Integration Training (Berard AIT) is a sound intervention.  AIT is a safe, effective sound therapy developed by Dr. Guy Berard.  AIT is an educational intervention that efficiently retrains a disorganized auditory system and improves hearing distortions and sound sensitivity

The Berard AIT protocol requires that a Participant listen to modulated music on device developed for Berard AIT, using high quality headphones for a total of ten (10) hours, over 10 (or 12) consecutive days under the direct supervision of a professionally trained Berard AIT Practitioner.


AIT Institute for Auditory Integration Training

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