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Sensory Processing Disorder Information and Resources
Free Parent Information, Resources and Treatment Options for Recovering Children With Sensory Processing Disorder.

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SPD is also known as Sensory Integration Dysfunction

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California State Agencies

  • California Department of Education
    Office of Special Education
    Sacramento, CA  95814

  • Diagnostic Center - Northern California
    39100 Gallaudet Drive
    Fremont, CA, 94546
    The Diagnostic Center provides diverse and highly specialized services and resources to individuals eligible for special education, their families and service/care providers. Services include assessments, instructional support, training and technical assistance.  Services are Free. Child is served by a joint referral of local school district and family.

  • Regional Center of the East Bay
    7677 Oakport Street, Suite 1200
    Oakland, CA 94621
    Telephone: (510) 383-1200
    TDD: (510) 383-1206
    Fax: (510) 633-5020
    Regional Center provides services for delayed children under the age of 3, then ongoing services as needed for any other age, including adults.  They can provide respite care funding, vision and hearing testing, child psychology services and behavioral services, among others.  It takes months to get services so contact them as soon as possible if you suspect your child has a delay.


AIT Institute for Auditory Integration Training

Homeopathic Constitution

Homeopathy for Athletes

Homeopathy for Women

Immunization Alternatives


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