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SPD is also known as Sensory Integration Dysfunction

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Download the Benefits of Enzymes Paper (PDF file)
by the Enzyme Technical Association

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More Enzyme Information

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How do enzyme supplements help in autism and other pervasive developmental disorders (PDDs)?

Many may have general digestion problems, leaky gut, inflammation in the gut, yeast overgrowth, or other conditions that result in insufficiently digested food and poor absorption which enzymes may help improve. Some, not all, children with autism exhibit behavioral problems that lessen with the removal of certain foods. There is some evidence that insufficiently broken down proteins may bind to receptors in the gut and brain causing problematic symptoms and behaviors.

Other foods may result in equally problematic, although different, symptoms. Enzymes help break down foods more sufficiently so they will not be in a form that is problematic or causes an immune system reaction. At the same time, they may help heal the fundamental gastrointestinal issues.

  • enzymes can be given with everything except some probiotics (better to divide those, but it really depends on the brand of enzymes and probiotics)

  • enzymes may enhance supplement uptake and utilization

  • enzymes can be frozen but must not become warm

  • enzymes can be sprinkled on the food, or put in liquid or other substances

Digestive Enzyme info

Digestive Enzyme info for kids on the Autistic Spectrum

Companies specializing just in enzyme supplements:

  • Enzymedica
    available online or in health food stores

  • Houston Nutraceuticals
    available online and in a few nutrition stores

  • Wobenzyme
    very good blend of animal-pancreatic/plant enzymes (almost entirely proteases), older extensively researched product available online or in health food stores

Companies providing supplements besides enzymes:

  • VRP (Vitamin Research Products)
    • wide variety of supplements
    • products are researched, science-based
    • offer monthly discounts
    • site has library of research articles and commentaries
    • can sign up for a monthly newsletter

  • Thropps Nutrition
    some specific supplements, good enzyme product for SCD

  • Beyond a Century
    MSM lotion, SAMe

  • Brainchild Nutritionals
    Small company, small number of super-high-quality vitamin/mineral supplements that has an excellent liquid multi-vitamin mineral and has a liquid cal/mag that has a faint coconut taste complex that is liquid and optimized for very sensitive children, particularly those exhibiting AD(H)D and autism spectrum or gastrointenstinal problems.

    Carn-Aware contains 200mg powdered carnosine, as well as powdered Vitamin E (25 IU) and powdered Zinc (2.5 mg)

Pharmacy Compounding Specialists who will compound nutritional supplements for you:

  • Pathway
    5415 W. Cedar Lane Bethesda, MD 20814
    (301)530-1112 (800)869-9160 Fax: (301)493-2671

  • Pharmacy in Maryland compounds prescribed nutritional programs from a variety of pure vitamins, minerals, glandular and amino acids. They can put the proper dose of B6 with magnesium and DMG in a liquid form and ship it to your home.
     This is the pharmacy half of The Apothecary.

  • Specialty Pharmacy:

  • Pharmacy Compounding Specialists 825 E. Strawbridge Avenue Melbourne, FL 32901
    407-953-2004, 800-499-7517 Fax 407-953-2808 Tom and Barbara Switzler

  • Willner Chemists
    anything you could want by mail

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